Big Bold Blooms in progress


Here is an in-process painting. I charcoaled the flowers and put in basic colors. ( I am sorry for the bad quality photo.) Next, I need to work on the shapes, background and finish up details with chalk pastels.

6 thoughts on “Big Bold Blooms in progress

    1. Thanks Valerie- Yes I think so- Interesting to think of ourselves as His artwork -and all the different stages it goes through. If I could just see myself like this that would be great. It would take the pressure off to think like that. That I am just “In a stage” . Also great comfort to know he promises to finish what he began- unlike me and my many half finished pieces 😉 xoxox

  1. Sooo beautiful, Susie. Like Valerie, I am intrigued. I love her comment about how it reminds us that we are unfinished and being ever brought to a more beautiful state in God. So true. Love and hugs!

  2. Thanks so much Trudy. These kind comments keep me going when I am tempted to quit! Yes thankful He doesn’t quit with us and that He is making us into something so much more beautiful and into what He intended from the beginningl! xoxo

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