Big Bold Blooms 1 Final Painting Step 1


I am still finishing the Big Bold Blooms class. This is the beginning  of the last painting which is the largest painting I have ever tried. We had to gesso or paint the canvas with an undercoat. Then we had to draw the flowers with chalk three times flipping the direction of the canvas each time. I just thought to share these beginning steps as it is kind of fun to see what transformations the painting makes!

6 thoughts on “Big Bold Blooms 1 Final Painting Step 1

  1. Thank you, Susie. I do find the transformation fascinating. I never knew until I learned it from you how many layers make a painting. It reminds me of how God transforms us slowly into His image and how we need patience to just rest in Him as He does the work. ❤️

  2. I worked with gesso (ha! once!) at our Italy art retreat and it was quite interesting! I was excited to add a new word to my vocabulary, at the least 🙂 but I’m enjoying seeing how your paintings come to life. You mentioned it was the largest you’ve tried — is it easier or harder? 🙂

  3. Yay! I want to see your art! Gesso is strange stuff – not exactly white paint but kinda like white paint?! Anyway I think it is harder 🙂 Feels more scary! Messing up big on big expensive canvas – no hiding there! (or throwing it in the trash!) I am new to painting on an easel and painting like this at all really- This will be my 4th! hahah! but I am stretching myself – trying to be ok with the uncomfortable so I can make prettier paintings someday!

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