Always Remember

I wish that I had something Christmasy and beautiful to share, however my life feels a bit over the top right now.  I did have a chance to write a letter for a dear friend’s daughter  for her 16th birthday. Her mom asked me to write a letter for a scrapbook she is putting together. I was thinking it might be encouraging to share some of it here too. In the midst of all thats going on its good and right to remind ourselves of what is true and what God says about us!  Praying this will meet you right where you need to be met and that Jesus will refresh you and encourage you in all that you are up to  today! I am so thankful for you!

painting fall winter berries

Always Remember

By Susie Teramura

Always Remember,

You are His beloved,



And called

His own.

He as deep affection

For you and

He will never,

Ever, leave you

For another,

Another person,

Another event,

He will not

Leave you

For anything.

You are His

Priority and He

Has covenanted and

Promised Himself

To you.

He has His eyes

Fixed on you

And you

Are His desire.

You give Him

Great Joy

(A smiley eyed kind of joy)

He loves your

Voice and knows

Everything about you.

He has made a promise,

A beautiful one,

To rescue and

Heal and

Love and

Be with you


Your good ,

Kind and

Gentle Father,

Is writing part of

His story

With your life.

You are valuable,

Important ,

Seen, known ,



You are carried ,

Covered, and

Tended to.

And every tear

You have

Ever cried,

He has collected

In a bottle.

The things that

Make you sad

Matter to Him,

Matter so much,

That he collects

Those tears,

And promises to

Make them

Into something

Of astounding

And unspeakable


So hold on

To Him with

All that

You have,

And when you

Are tired,

And feel like

You can’t go on


Its ok and

You’re ok.

Actually you are

More than ok.

He’s got you

In His grip and

He’s holding

You tight.

Oil Pastel Vegetables


Ihave not been able to post or do much art as things have been so busy! I did these a few weeks ago though and thought to share them tonight. I have a few more I am hoping to work on when things slow down a bit!