Big Bold Blooms – Chalk and Acrylic


In Lynn Whipple’s Big Bold Blooms 2 class, our second  assignment began with acrylic paint.Then we drew in flowers with chalk, and went over it again with paint and a roller to soften it some. I had such a hard time with these!! The roller made them all brown and messy so I had to fix them again. Anyway I had to make myself stick to it and persevere. These are definitely not my favorites but are growing on me I think and I learned some things for sure! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Big Bold Blooms – Chalk and Acrylic

    1. I never knew either!! It is crazy the layers that are under some of these- The layers, even though mostly covered up ,add a real dimension to the pairing I think- Learning as I go and as I mess-up time and time again! 🙂 xoxo

  1. Hi- yes i think so? But it just didn’t work out because the pastel chalk mixed to make a very ugly green brown ! Thankfully the acrylic paint covered over lots of it. Lynn’s paintings of course looked soft and beautiful 🙂 Anyway I put them on a high shelf in my kitchen for a little while next to my antique tea cups and I tell myself they are like old french paintings in a cafe;)! Hahahahah! I think the story I am giving them is what is really helping them to grow on me! 😉 🙂 hugs xox

  2. Every painting needs a story :).
    I like them!
    I became aware of the layering process by watching a few videos from an artist in GA. Fascinating. And my daughter is trying encaustic work.
    I think it is all well beyond me to understand, but I really like the end!

    1. Thanks Elaine! 🙂 🙂 I had no idea about the layering either till these classes- I am still trying to understand it all- Encaustic seems so complicated and hard to me! but very beautiful!! That is so great- i would love to see her work! 🙂

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