Big Bold Blooms 2-Lesson 2


This is my second assignment from Lynn Whipple’s Big Bold Bloom 2 class.   We had to use tissue paper to put in the dark shapes and then layer with a rice paper drawing and paint. These classes always challenge me  and push me out of my comfort zone. Honestly, I thought about throwing this away multiple times, and had to push myself to keep going. It has been good to practice to be ok with the painting in process.  When I get discouraged I have to tell myself to just keep going and that it’s not finished yet! I think God speaks similar things to my heart when life gets messy! So thankful He isn’t finished yet and that He promises to complete the work He has begun !

8 thoughts on “Big Bold Blooms 2-Lesson 2

  1. I love it! We did something similar in my art class in Italy last summer where we ripped up pieces of colorful ads from a magazine and glued it onto a board that we’d outlined in a Mary-figure. Then we glued jewels or little bedazzled items to created a multi-textured piece. Your art projects are always so interesting!

    1. Thanks Valerie- I am so glad you like it- It is different for me- idk! thats what is good and hard about this class- it pushes me to try new things and be ok with it not going like I wished!! Your project sounds amazing!! I would love to see it if you ever wanted to post it!! xo- (Also wondering if you went to the Sarah Hagerty conference? and how you liked it! )

      1. Susie,
        Can you believe the day with Sara Hagerty was the day the hurricane hit here and they canceled it! I was so disappointed! They aren’t going to reschedule since Sara is pregnant and I was really sad to have missed the chance to see her. They were concerned her flight wouldn’t make it through the storm.

      2. Aww bummer!! That’s so disappointing!! 😦 I am sorry that it didn’t work out! I was looking forward to hearing about it!! 😦 That was a crazy weekend though- glad you are safe and sound! with much love-

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