Big Bold Blooms

FullSizeRender 3I am still working my way through Lynn Whipples class, Painting Big Bold Blooms. This is my second painting with 2 more to go. This time the background was to be dark. This arrangement was full of my favorite flowers, peonies, sweet pea and ranunculus.They are hard to paint though(esp the peony)!! Anyway, I learned lots (and have so much learning to do!) but feel very blessed to be able to take this class!

4 thoughts on “Big Bold Blooms

  1. Such a cheery arrangement, Susie. You brighten my day. 🙂 I was just thinking as I looked at the flower on your poem post that the same God who makes flowers to bloom so beautifully can put life into our hearts to bloom for Him. And you have proved that again today in your poem and art work. Hugs!

  2. Susie,
    I can just imagine these flowers — for real — sitting on a table! I love peonies and sweet peas too — they’re some of my favorites. I love a vase full of wildflowers and will take a bouquet of peonies over a bouquet of roses any day! 🙂 Love all the colors and beauty in your art!

  3. Valerie! me too!!! i just love wildflowers and I too prefer them over roses any day too!! Peonies smell so pretty and the colors are so delicate and beautiful – Thanks for your encouragement- always means a lot and lifts my day! xo:)

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