Never Alone

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 Never Alone

By Susie Teramura


 Precious one,

Daughter of God,

Beloved and

One who is called,

His own,


Will never,


Be alone.

You will never

Be separated,



Or forgotten,

Not once have you been


Unseen or

Left on your own.

You will never be


Helpless, or hopeless

You will never have less

Than all of Him.

You will be

Escorted and carried,

 Held and cared for,


He and you,

Forever and for all time.

God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

Hebrews 13:4-6



14 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. Susie, as I have been sidelined with back issues recently I have felt ‘unattached’ at times, and even let my writing for Living Braver pass by this week. Thanks for your always sweet words reminding us that we are ‘carried’ even when our backs don’t want to carry us 🙂 Forever!

    1. Hi Michele- I write mostly to speak truth to the parts of me that need to hear it so badly! Feeling alone is so hard – So kind of Him to promise his presence even when we don’t feel it. — sending love

  2. “You will never have less than all of Him” what an amazing thought! Thank you for this encouragement today; I am echoing those thoughts in my own heart now. I’m your neighbor over at TheFaithBarista today, and I’m glad I stopped by here!

  3. I needed this so much today, Susie. This makes the tears flow. I’m behind on reading posts, but it came to my heart, “Read Susie’s.” I’m having a hard time this morning with feeling forsaken and “not enough.” The insecurities are kicking in big time, and I’ve been trying to grasp the Easter message that gave me so much comfort, but I can’t seem to reach it. So thank you for this encouragement that we are His beloved, He always holds us and cares for us, and He will never forsake us (even if it feels like it). Blessings and hugs to you!

    1. Trudi-So sorry you had a rough morning and can totally relate as I have those often too 😦 Those feelings just somehow creep right back in!! UGH!!- I wrote this a while ago to speak the truth my heart wants and needs so badly to hear.I am thankful the Lord gave us each other so we can remind one another of His words to us-(so I will remind you again-As you do for me!) You are so very loved Trudi and He will never leave you! He can’t – He is attached to you and you are his absolute delight – right now, just as you are! You more than enough in Him!! He calls you good and clean and beautiful, lovely His very own!You are His beloved! Sending big hugs! and praying tomorrow morning will be fresh and new full of hope and sunshine! xoxo

  4. Susie,
    I’m so grateful he never leaves us alone — even when we feel that way. I think sometimes that when we choose to believe that he is right there with us (so difficult when we can’t see him, hear his voice or sense his physical presence) he uses those who are near to us to be his hands and feet and words to our hearts, speaking to us with love that we just know it’s him!

  5. Hi Valerie 🙂 Yes – I often feel alone- wrote these words to tell myself truth. The truth of the bible is more true than what my feelings are based in and I forget that easily ! Anyway so so thankful we have each other to hold up the mirror and remind one another of all that He says of us! How badly I need that!! sending hugs ! 🙂 xoxo

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