Painting Class


Painting Class

By Susie Teramura

Tuesday email inbox,

Art class assignment,

Waiting for me,

There she is

On Vimeo,

Smiling art teacher,

Dressed in bright clothes

With her glasses

Perched on her nose,

Stands in the

Flowered filled studio.

She begins to

Fill the canvas

Layer after layer,

With colors and shapes.

At first

I am bewildered,

How will this ever

Become the masterpiece

Advertised in the class


But after the fourth layer

Of paint, charcoal, and pastel,

The most beautiful

Bouquet of flowers

Sprawls out, all over

The canvas.

How did that happen?

I scratch my head,

In wonder.

I think,

It’s all the

Stuff underneath,

All the marks that

Looked like they

Didn’t matter,

The things

Covered over,

 Actually were

The things

That made it

Most beautiful,

That gave it

Light and life.

And it gets me


About my life,

And the canvas of it

And the layers,

The scribbles

And scrawl,

The things under

There that

Don’t look so good

At all.


My Art Teacher,

Are using all that.

And layer after layer,

Are painting me,

And my life,

Into something


You speak to my heart.

Every layer,

And shape,

And thing unknown,

Is known by You.

The things that look


And like

They are headed


Are just

The under painting,

The things that

Will peek through,

In just the right places

Bringing life,

And light,

And Your glory,

(The shiny stuff)

To my small life.

I pick up my brush,

Start to paint

My large white canvas,

And my heart drops,

As I stand back

To look.

It isn’t beautiful,

And looks

Nowhere close.

Feelings to put

The brush down

And forget this

Whole thing

Flood in.

But then

I hear You,

Filling the

Empty spaces,

“It’s in


It isn’t


Just keep






And listening.

I am

With you,

And in you,

And I am making



Just wait

You’ll see,

I am

Setting you


And teaching


To paint

Like Me!

Ecclesiastes 3:11

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Song of Songs 4:7

You are altogether beautiful, my darling;

There is no flaw in you.


12 thoughts on “Painting Class

  1. Oh so good! — great encouragement – such a good picture of how the Lord works in our lives making something beautiful

  2. Hi Michele! 🙂 I had no idea how may layers are under all these beautiful paintings!?! I am learning to be patient in it all too-I just want to get to the last layer- but Jesus takes his time making us perfectly beautiful!! blessings to you today! 🙂

  3. Susie, Oh this! “The things that look unplanned and headed nowhere” . . . yes! It’s what shapes us and creates in us the beauty that God is bringing to life! Isn’t it amazing how classes we take to learn a skill or an art end up teaching us so much more than we could ever imagine? I love how the process on your canvas spoke to your soul about the other pieces of your life. It does take so many layers of our lives to see God at work in them. Keep sharing your art with us and the revelations God is bringing to life through them! xo

    1. Hi Valerie- Yes its true!! These classes teach me way more than the art I signed up for 😉 i guess it is just God- He is such a good teacher and knows how to meet us where we are at! Thanks for the encouragement and walking through the process with me!! It means so much 🙂 with much love xo

  4. Oh Susie, I love how God gave you such a deep spiritual meaning in painting. Those flowers are so beautiful, and it’s so hard to grasp that it’s those layers that seem like they don’t matter that add to the beauty of it. I never knew there were that many layers. It gives such hope to my heart that every layer of life matters in the process God uses to make us more beautiful and more like Him. Thank you so much! Blessings and hugs to you!

  5. Hi Trudi! I didn’t know it either and was very skeptical not understanding how the things that we cover up make a difference in the final painting. But I am finding they do! They peek through- and add so much! God is so good to teach me about himself through this class -it makes it worth so much more! 🙂 with much love

  6. Oh, Susie, I just got to read this today, this was such beautiful word art. Your Father set your pen(keyboard) to make art that speaks to the soul of your reader. Love this…

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