Big Bold Blooms First Layers

I am enjoying Lynn Whipple’s Big Bold Bloom class but it is definitely taking courage and time too! The first assignment was to take three large canvases and paint them with three different base colors, white, grey and orange. Then we were to sketch with charcoal our bouquets but turn the canvas three times each sketching again and again, finally ending with large x’s over the whole thing. Next we were to paint random shapes in different colors over all that, with the knowledge that all of this will be completely painted over. Β This is the first time for me painting so big and actually using an easel so I am finding myself feeling very uncoordinated πŸ™‚ Anway, here are my first three canvases steps one and two. Β I have one of them almost done that I hope to post next week so you can see the final painting. I thought you might like to see all the steps though.

8 thoughts on “Big Bold Blooms First Layers

  1. Last year I learned about this layering of paint and images to give depth to the finished work.
    I love how you allow yourself to be stretched and uncover more of the gift in you even while you layer your canvas.

    1. Its amazing-how it works like that- I was very skeptical -how cold it make difference if I am going to paint over it but it does doesnt it?! It has been an interesting process πŸ™‚ I am definitely getting stretched!! πŸ™‚ Thankful for your encouraging words- They are so helpful and are part of what keeps me going when I think I m crazy for doing stuff like this! sending love

    1. Thanks Valerie! -I wasn’t sure if i should share the steps, but I thought it might be interesting to see the different stages of the paintings . It encourages me to look at them when i think I am getting nowhere. It would be great if our lives were like this- where we could see the stages next to each other and better chart our growth! So thankful our times are in HIs hands, and we can leave them safely there.
      sending much love xo

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