Y- is for Yellow- Picasso Blue

Our second assignment had to do with Picasso’s Blue Period. After the death of a friend, Picasso began to paint all of his works in dark shades of blue. The subjects were usually beggars or street people. We had to choose some of these and copy them. We were to use a layering technique starting with gel medium on the lightest parts. Then we were to layer with watercolors about 5 times. I honestly didn’t like many these paintings but chose the ones I liked best to copy. I also couldn’t bear to just paint them in dark blues and grays so I improvised a little. I learned some things and call these practice paintings. (This helps me to feel better about not liking them much!!)

Yellow -B class 2 Picasso blue

Yellow -B class 2 Picasso blue-2Yellow -B class 2 Picasso blue-1

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