Yellow Class- Letter B Blue Blind Contours

The second lesson in my Y is for Yellow class is the letter B. For warm ups we had to do blind contour drawings and shade them in with light and dark blue. A blind contour drawing is a drawing where you cannot look at your paper. You are only to look at the reference picture. It is very hard to get the drawing to look right! I was frustrated because when I  finished and looked at what I drew it was nothing like I had hoped.:( Anyway, it is good practice for eye-hand coordination and drawing what you see. The second part of the lesson I hope to finish by next week. That too will be a challenge as it is a rendering of one of Picasso’s blue pieces.

2 thoughts on “Yellow Class- Letter B Blue Blind Contours

  1. Susie,
    I’m fascinated by these processes and techniques to create art! I recently went to a Paint Nite where I watched the artist and tried to copy her on my canvas — yeah, not so good! {I hope to blog about it soon!} What great practice for your craft as you draw these images –keep them coming!

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement Valerie!! I was hesitant to post these 😉 but trying to just post anyway – How fun that you went to a paint night! I would LOVE to see it!! I bet it is better than you think! Sometimes my pictures grow on me.Cant wait to hear more about it on your blog! xox

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