Mama Hippo and her Baby

old pics-2

This is another pencil drawing I did a few years ago.  I wanted to post this one because it is my mom’s 70th birthday this week.  This picture for me captures a mother’s heart and the special bond between a mom and her baby.  I am so thankful for my mom  and all the love she has shown me in so many different ways. She has taught me so much and I don’t know where I would be without her today. Praying you will be blessed today knowing you are loved and held by Jesus too!


4 thoughts on “Mama Hippo and her Baby

  1. Oh Susette — Thank you for the loving words and beautiful picture. What a blessed mom I am that God gave me such
    a talented, creative, beautiful, caring and tender daughter in you! — He is so good to us!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom, Susie! She is blessed to have you for a daughter. I love this drawing. It really captures the action and feeling of “love” from both sides. And yes, may we know Jesus loves us so tenderly and devotedly, too.

  3. Thanks Trudi! 🙂 We had her birthday party tonight- I made lava cakes for the first time and they turned out! I am thankful – I was real afraid they wouldn’t work- Thank you for your encouragement about my pictures – means so much to me! Thankful for you Trudi- sending Christmas hugs and blessings! xox

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