Doings of a Doodle-

doodle - little one

This painting is from a class I am working my way through called “Doings of a Doodle” by Diane Culhane. (Most of the classes I take can be found here if you are ever interested in taking one too!!) Anyway, this class is all about taking our doodles and making art with them. This is Japanese rice paper glued onto a wood board. The doodle is sketched with a Sharpie, then painted in with Acrylic paint and then sealed. Something about “doodling” takes the pressure off, and helping to work even the imperfections into the piece in a beautiful way! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Doings of a Doodle-

  1. Susie,
    I may have asked you this before — but do you do Bible journaling? This looks so similar to what Stephanie Ackerman showed us in Italy and I think you would love it if you don’t already do it! I will admit I bought a Bible journal and I attempted to do some but I need A LOT more practice at it — I did pull it out last weekend to do doodle with my niece and I {think} I had fun! ha!

  2. This summer I got a journalling bible from a dear friend of mine. I have so far only done two pages!! I get afraid to mess up! 🙂 but I just love it- so fun and creative to color in my bible! I have seen so many beautiful bibles people have journaled online and I have a friend who is doing one to pass down to her daughter one day- I will have to check out your friends website! I would love to see your pages sometime- I am sure they are very beautiful! My daughter is doing hers too- she does it so freely without the worry like me! I want to be like that!! 🙂 hugs

    1. Stephanie gave us templates of letters to either trace or try freehand so that helped! I can’t bear to color over the words yet like some of the journalers do, but the margins are wide enough for me to try this out. You should check out Stephanie’s site though or follow her on Instagram (now that you’re on there!) since she usually posts something she’s working on every day!

  3. thats a good idea- the lettering is not my gift! hahah I agree and have trouble writing over the words too! I will check her site out for sure! Thanks of the recommendation ! I am happy to get some more ideas to make my bible pretty 🙂

  4. Gosh, I am chagrined to read that I sounded all-bossy-like in the comments above and I only meant that the ladies in the doodling groups would enjoy seeing your art too, not that you need any inspiration! I think I get a bit too passionate in my recommendations — {maybe doodling ratchets up my excitement! ha!} xoxo

  5. No not bossy at all! I am so happy for the connections you have given me! I like her style a lot (from the little I have looked! )and am excited to check things out more- It looked like she does online classes too I think? that would be fun to try- I also think your trip sounds like a dream to me- If only i could muster the courage! (I wonder if you have you seen Soul Scripts? Another” journaler” that I follow on instagram– in case you haven’t heard of her) Thanks for so much sharing! You are a blessing to me! xoxo

  6. I do follow Jordan at SoulScripts! For the creative retreat in Italy next summer, Shanna Noel from Illustrated Faith is going to lead some of the classes — maybe that trip has your name on it?! (And by the way, I’m not brave at all — I’m really a scaredy-kitten!) Yes, Stephanie does offer online classes — she gave us access to them since we were on the retreat but I haven’t taken one yet — I think that one is calling MY name!! xo

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