Heirloom Gardens- Butterfly

Heirloom Gardens Cone flower butterfly-1

Still Working my way through Val Webb’s Heirloom Garden class. This week we worked on butterflies. It was fun to really examine them and try to replicate the details. I am having fun with colored pencils but find that they take a lot longer, and require patience. 🙂 Butterflies are such amazing creatures and such a beautiful representation of Gods transforming love!

6 thoughts on “Heirloom Gardens- Butterfly

  1. Hi Susie, I looked into Val Webb’s site. I’m not an artist but I’m thinking about her Watercolor Lettering class. Have you taken it? Looking for a bit of encouragement, I think 🙂

    1. Hi Elaine- I am so excited for you! I haven’t taken that one but I have thought of it – its definitely one I’d like to take:)! Val Webb is a really great teacher- You will love it! Such a fun thing to do this summer too- I have found the others in the classes I have taken to be very encouraging- I was afraid to post my work at first, but so glad i did- It was wonderful to have thoughts and encouragement. I am so glad you are considering it- I say go for it! 🙂 I hope if you decide to take it, and are comfortable, you will share your work with us – I would love to see it! 🙂 sending lots of love 🙂

  2. I love butterflies. I have butterflies things in my house. I have butterflies wind chimes. I also draw , painting. Color pencils.

    1. Me too- They are so beautiful and miraculous-:) Drawing and painting have been such gifts to me,after I have gotten over trying to be perfect and just let myself be ok with the journey, and the mess ups and the pictures I don’t like as well. I am so glad to hear you enjoy painting too! Would love to see your work sometime too! Enjoy this day- (hope you get time to paint-:)!

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