Coffee for your Heart- A Pink Balloon

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A Pink Balloon

By Susie Teramura

Little fingers hold mine,

We cross the parking lot,

Special Starbucks date

Just us.

Pink grease pencil

Decorates the door,

It’s National Croissant Day

Who knew?

A day to celebrate

The croissant-

As we settle in

With our Peppermint Mochas

And butter croissants,

In comes the manager carrying

A bouquet of balloons,

Pink with hearts.

She slowly ties them

All over the store,

Blossoming beautiful,

And I take it in,

All these lovely things,

But it’s the balloons

I get stuck on.

Thinking and

Talking quietly, inside,

To myself and You,

What is it about balloons

That is so happy?

That can lift a room and a day

And change things,

Just air captured

By colored latex,

And then

You speak soft,

“It’s joy in the moment

That’s what they are-

No one saves their balloon

For tomorrow

They must be enjoyed

Now, in the present,

And their purpose

Is singular,

To bring joy,

And color,

And life.”

And then you keep on

Speaking to me

About life

And things present

Gifts I have left unopened

Un-enjoyed waiting

For another day

For things to slow-

But these,

Like balloons,

Are meant for now,

Were sent by You

For this present moment

To enjoy,

To bring joy,

And color,

And life.

You, God of grace,

And love unending,

Give me daily balloons.

Life wrapped beautiful,

Each day,

It’s Your way.

I break off the end,

Buttery and sweet,

And whisper back to You,

“Don’t let me miss them

Jesus, the balloons

You send to me,

The things stretched

by love

Meant for my

Present joy.”

I look across the table,

Her mouth covered

In whipped cream and chocolate,

Grinning big,

My heart lifts,

Carried up

By joy and

Wrapped in

Love by You.

 Psalm 21:6

Surely you have granted (me) unending blessings and made (me) glad with the joy of your presence.

Psalm 65:8

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy.

21 thoughts on “Coffee for your Heart- A Pink Balloon

  1. Susie,
    I may be the only person who doesn’t care for balloons 🙂 but I sure love croissants! But I love the point of your post which is enjoying the moments in our days, especially ones spent at Starbucks eating croissants with your daughter! I like how you say your heart is lifted up and carried, too . . . lovely imagery!

  2. What a precious morning you had and such a blessing for us that you have shared what you received from the Lord. Hoping to be always looking for present joy moments with Jesus too. May we have eyes to see the precious things He longs to show us. Love your poem, it is beautiful, thought provoking and just chock full of love and joy!

  3. Hi Susie. This is my first visit to your blog via the link up at Faith Barista. I absolutely love your beautiful poem. What a wonderful example of how God lavishes love on his precious children, and how He speaks into the details of our lives. You have blessed me today. Thank you.

    1. Kamea- Thanks so much for visiting me today! He is such a good lavisher isn’t He? 🙂 Sad that I miss it so often caught in my tangle of things- worry and negativity, instead of resting in His beautiful love- Thanks so much You have blessed me today! 🙂

  4. Waiting for another day…but each day life is wrapped in special beauty.
    Thanks Susie, so often, your words are perfect reminders for me and I want you to know that even when I don’t get to comment, your art and poetry never fail to make me smile.

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