Coffee for Your Heart- The Pumpkin Patch

photo pumpkin

Coffee for your Heart- The Pumpkin Patch

 By Susie Teramura


Pile into

The car,

Happy voices laugh,

And chatter,

Trees dressed

In reds and yellows,

Against a

Clear blue sky.


Harvest flags

Flapping hard

In the wind


Fall is here.


Load onto wagon,

Bedded with hay,

Bumps us out

To our final stop,

Field full of pumpkins,

Waiting to be picked

Short and fat,

Tall and lean,

And lots of lumpy ones

In between.


Then the voices


back to back,

Layer over layer,

“I’ve found mine!”

“I want this one!”

Each claiming

For his own,

A pumpkin

To take home.


Tractor pulls away,

Us and our

Pumpkins in tow

Looking back,

The field still

Full of orange.


I feel bad somehow,

For those awkward ones,

The ones not picked.

Crazy -feeling bad for

An orange vegetable,

Or is it a fruit?

But to be sure,

It has no feelings

Just pulpy guts

And seeds.


But in my gut

You speak

A word

That cuts

Through my thick

Leather skin,


“I picked you

You are the one

For me- and

When I found you

The joy in my eyes,

Lit up a thousand

Night skies

I’ve found her!

She’s perfect!

She’s the one

I want,

For my own,

To take

To my home,

To be forever

With me.”


And I smile quiet to

Myself, hmmm…

My thoughts whisper


“He picked me,

He. …picked….me,

I’m chosen and loved

His very own,

He wants to take me home”.


Guts and seeds

Scooped out

Our pumpkins now

Sit all in a row

Candles lit

Smiles carves

They then

Begin to glow.

 Deep in my heart

I know,

I belong

To Him and

He calls me

His own!


Deuteronomy 7:6


The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.

5 thoughts on “Coffee for Your Heart- The Pumpkin Patch

  1. Good Morning, Susie … What a beautiful, light and airy and full of color site you’ve created. It’s music to my soul to visit here today!

    May your creativity give you joy and bless others in the process …


  2. I love how God speaks to you in the ordinary of life, which turns out to not be so ordinary through all He speaks into it — touching and inspirational, thought provoking — thank you for sharing

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