Coffee for Your Heart- Moving Furniture

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Coffee for Your Heart- Moving Furniture

 By Susie Teramura

 I stare

Through blurred


Ceiling white,

Old heating vent

Blows gentle,


It’s time to

Get up,

To start,

To live another

Day again.


But I have

This feeling,



Like there’s

Something new,

Like furniture


New space in

My home,

My heart.


Space unwanted

I like my clutter

Things to cling to,

To distract me from

The being,


In the clearing,

And moving

And rearranging of

My heart

Things feel bare,


Like bits and pencils

And toys and dust,

That have been hiding


Can be seen.

So I ask you

Laying there

What’s up?

What’s this about?


Why the moving,

The empting of

The things I love?

Why move

The furniture now?

I liked it.



And you answer

Soft, in a half

Smile kind of


“Its time,

Time to make space,

Time to grow,

And time to finally

Let those things go.


Time to trust me

And my plan for you,

I am the one

You can attach to.


In the clinging,

And finding,

Of Me here –

You will

Once and for all

Conquer that fear.


I’ll put you

Up on my

Shoulders, high

And there

We will dance and laugh

All through the night.


Free is what you,

My beloved,

Were made to be

Free forever

To be in love with me.”


I blink my eyes,

Vision now clear

You are getting

Rid of all my fears.


 2 Samuel 22:20

He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.


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