Coffee for your Heart- Grocery Day

Flower crazy- on wood 2-1cropped

Coffee for your Heart- Grocery Day

 By Susie Teramura


Door slams shut

With the kick

Of my heel.

Last bag of


Piled up

On the floor.


I breathe deep,

One job done,

Five more

More waiting.


Ice cream container

Begins to sweat

Like me.

Dishes piled dirty,

And washer full of clean

Laundry baskets


Fresh clothes now

Wrinkled hard,

Little one runs in

Needing help,

Needing me.


And the food

Just sits,

And stares


Like it knows

I’m in over my head.


I sink to the floor,

Surrounded by plastic bags

Spewing cans and cheese

At my feet,

And wave my

White flag

Crumpled on the floor

Defeated by it all,

I can’t do anymore.


And then You

Come quiet

My rescuer

My friend

And sit with me

Right in my mess,


Singing songs

That you are

Here and will not

Let me fall,

You see me

Broken parts

And all,

And you sit,

And wait,

Till I can see

You are the one

Who is holding me.


And you are not worried

About the mess

It is my real,

That you like best.


So the ice cream,

And me,


Right there

On the floor,

Held in your arms



Psalm 37:24

 “though she may stumble, she will not fall,
 for the Lord upholds her with his hand.”

8 thoughts on “Coffee for your Heart- Grocery Day

  1. Minus the ice cream and small children, I still have days like this and yesterday was one. He did sit with me and then lift me. Susie, I’m in awe of how often you write my heart. Thank you.

  2. Susie, You are doing so good! God sees it and so do I. All those things pulling at us can wait until we feel those warm Jesus embraces. Your joy journey is special and I’m glad I was able to pop over a moment and enjoy your heart! – Jodie, Faithfully Following

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