Coffee for your Heart- Finding Rest

pink gesso flowers

Coffee for your Heart- Finding Rest


By Susie Teramura


Prayers said

Covers up


Nightlight glows

Up the room


Peace blows breezes

Through windows cracked,


But peace has not settled

Into her

Little body,

Still twisting

And flailing

Making shadow puppets

On the wall.

Covers now

Kicked off

Singing songs

Loud and strong-

“I can’t sleep”

The refrain.


So I say-

“Just be quiet

And still, sweet one

Then, sleep

It will come.”


And slowly


The curtains close on our

Nightly ritual

Sleep – it comes,


Ushering in


Of You and me

And my

restless soul,

How hard

it seems

To find rest,

A never ending

chase to

To catch

the elusive

Golden ticket

That buys peace

And rest.


But you speak

Strong with love,

“Just …be…. quiet,


Still yourself ,

Long enough

To notice,

I am here

Fully engaged

With you,



And caring

Fully attentive.


And in the knowing

Of My presence,


Rest, it will come

And settle in

so deep,

That no


Will be able

To shake you

Because no


Will ever be

Able to separate

You from Me.”


Quietly, I close the door

And breathe deep,



You, my Father

Are right here with me.


Psalm 62:5-6

 “Yes, my soul, find rest in God;
 my hope comes from him.Truly he is my rock and my salvation;
 he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”

7 thoughts on “Coffee for your Heart- Finding Rest

  1. Oh such great images — I am in the room with you — such a good and meaningful thought and truth – I will carry it with me

  2. Wow! Again! I think young mothers would really appreciate all of these poems.. Definitely and audience to target but I love them too so everyone… but I was just thinking……

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