Coffee for Your Heart- The Pumpkin Patch

photo pumpkin

Coffee for your Heart- The Pumpkin Patch

 By Susie Teramura


Pile into

The car,

Happy voices laugh,

And chatter,

Trees dressed

In reds and yellows,

Against a

Clear blue sky.


Harvest flags

Flapping hard

In the wind


Fall is here.


Load onto wagon,

Bedded with hay,

Bumps us out

To our final stop,

Field full of pumpkins,

Waiting to be picked

Short and fat,

Tall and lean,

And lots of lumpy ones

In between.


Then the voices


back to back,

Layer over layer,

“I’ve found mine!”

“I want this one!”

Each claiming

For his own,

A pumpkin

To take home.


Tractor pulls away,

Us and our

Pumpkins in tow

Looking back,

The field still

Full of orange.


I feel bad somehow,

For those awkward ones,

The ones not picked.

Crazy -feeling bad for

An orange vegetable,

Or is it a fruit?

But to be sure,

It has no feelings

Just pulpy guts

And seeds.


But in my gut

You speak

A word

That cuts

Through my thick

Leather skin,


“I picked you

You are the one

For me- and

When I found you

The joy in my eyes,

Lit up a thousand

Night skies

I’ve found her!

She’s perfect!

She’s the one

I want,

For my own,

To take

To my home,

To be forever

With me.”


And I smile quiet to

Myself, hmmm…

My thoughts whisper


“He picked me,

He. …picked….me,

I’m chosen and loved

His very own,

He wants to take me home”.


Guts and seeds

Scooped out

Our pumpkins now

Sit all in a row

Candles lit

Smiles carves

They then

Begin to glow.

 Deep in my heart

I know,

I belong

To Him and

He calls me

His own!


Deuteronomy 7:6


The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.

Table Top Drawings

table top drawing day1 pic table top drawing day2 pic 1 table top drawing day2 pic 2-1

These sketches were from Diane Culhane’s class, Table Top Drawings. It was a great class where we were to draw what was on our table. I was not too much of a still life fan, but I found this class to change that! I really, really enjoyed taking time after a meal to sketch it. It was a  way of savoring and enjoying it in a new way. Definitely a wonderful way to see and be thankful for the blessings God gives each day! Meals are sources of very happy memories and warm times of being together, and worthy of being documented!

Coffee for Your Heart- Painting the Sky

girl with lamb

Coffee for Your Heart- Painting the Sky


By Susie Teramura


I am painting

The sky

With love

For you,

Red and yellow

Orange and blue.


Autumn breezes

Blowing through,

Carry songs

Sung just for you.


Sparkling water,

Dancing light,

Wings outstretched

Birds in flight,


Carried high

Upon the wind,

My love for you

It has no end.


I am painting

The sky,

It’s true,

With loving kindness

I am drawing you.


 Jeremiah 31:3 (NIV)

The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.


painting fall orchid 3

This was one of our first assignments in Fred Lisaus’ painting fall class. We were practicing using salt to create interesting texture to our paintings. It was really neat to see what the different(table salt, sea salt, and kosher) salts would do. Definitely want to try this again! A fun painting/science experiment! 🙂

Coffee for Your Heart- Moving Furniture

painting fall reflections -1

Coffee for Your Heart- Moving Furniture

 By Susie Teramura

 I stare

Through blurred


Ceiling white,

Old heating vent

Blows gentle,


It’s time to

Get up,

To start,

To live another

Day again.


But I have

This feeling,



Like there’s

Something new,

Like furniture


New space in

My home,

My heart.


Space unwanted

I like my clutter

Things to cling to,

To distract me from

The being,


In the clearing,

And moving

And rearranging of

My heart

Things feel bare,


Like bits and pencils

And toys and dust,

That have been hiding


Can be seen.

So I ask you

Laying there

What’s up?

What’s this about?


Why the moving,

The empting of

The things I love?

Why move

The furniture now?

I liked it.



And you answer

Soft, in a half

Smile kind of


“Its time,

Time to make space,

Time to grow,

And time to finally

Let those things go.


Time to trust me

And my plan for you,

I am the one

You can attach to.


In the clinging,

And finding,

Of Me here –

You will

Once and for all

Conquer that fear.


I’ll put you

Up on my

Shoulders, high

And there

We will dance and laugh

All through the night.


Free is what you,

My beloved,

Were made to be

Free forever

To be in love with me.”


I blink my eyes,

Vision now clear

You are getting

Rid of all my fears.


 2 Samuel 22:20

He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.


The Magic Horse- Part 2

Magic horse paintingMagic horse crayon

Here are my magic horse paintings- The first one I did with acrylic paints, and the second one I used water soluble crayons and collage materials. This was a fun assignment;working on the horse in all different mediums. Carla also invited us to be part of her e-zine- or online magazine publication of a version of this fairy tale. Hopefully I will be able to participate in that too!

Coffee for your Heart- Grocery Day

Flower crazy- on wood 2-1cropped

Coffee for your Heart- Grocery Day

 By Susie Teramura


Door slams shut

With the kick

Of my heel.

Last bag of


Piled up

On the floor.


I breathe deep,

One job done,

Five more

More waiting.


Ice cream container

Begins to sweat

Like me.

Dishes piled dirty,

And washer full of clean

Laundry baskets


Fresh clothes now

Wrinkled hard,

Little one runs in

Needing help,

Needing me.


And the food

Just sits,

And stares


Like it knows

I’m in over my head.


I sink to the floor,

Surrounded by plastic bags

Spewing cans and cheese

At my feet,

And wave my

White flag

Crumpled on the floor

Defeated by it all,

I can’t do anymore.


And then You

Come quiet

My rescuer

My friend

And sit with me

Right in my mess,


Singing songs

That you are

Here and will not

Let me fall,

You see me

Broken parts

And all,

And you sit,

And wait,

Till I can see

You are the one

Who is holding me.


And you are not worried

About the mess

It is my real,

That you like best.


So the ice cream,

And me,


Right there

On the floor,

Held in your arms



Psalm 37:24

 “though she may stumble, she will not fall,
 for the Lord upholds her with his hand.”