Coffee for your Heart- It’s all Good


Coffee for Your Heart- It’s all Good

By Susie Teramura

Scrolling through

Gobs of mail

Mostly adds, junk

Delete, delete, trash

But my eye catches one

Etsy, saying…….

“It’s all good ”

I pause, and

Wonder about this

World, and

What’s going on

How it seems

Things have gone mad

How things

Seem all bad

Hmm… the pause


You speak to my heart and

Turn things


Whispers of hope push

Their way through

You speak soft but clear

To my scared heart,

“Child, It is true

It’s all good,

Because I’m the one

Taking care of it,

Of things,

Of you.

My rescue plan

Is in place,

And not a moment too soon,

When all seems lost,

I will pull back the curtain

And show myself self-strong

On behalf of those who love me,

And the wrongs will be righted

Justice will be served,

And the pounding beat of my heart,

The love sounding strong will

Shake this place,

As I come for you

My beloved one.

It’s all good you see

Because you,

My lovely one,

Belong to Me.”

I breathe deep

A sigh


Back to the mail

And the trash

More to delete

But tucked into my soul

As only you could

There’s hope

In my heart

It’s all good!

2 Chronicles 16:9a

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”

3 thoughts on “Coffee for your Heart- It’s all Good

  1. As I start my devotion time this morning your thoughts and writing lead the way — thank you for sharing how the Lord is taking care of it all — the world — I am thinking it will be so good to see when He “draws back the curtain”

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