Cinderella Collage Dresses

photo 2 photo photo pumpkin

Our next assignment was to use collage papers that we were to make ourselves, to create pages for a board book about Cinderella-We were to make no figures, just the central images-things like her dress,before and after the magic, the pumpkin, slipper etc. Anyway Carla taught us how to watercolor various different kinds of very thin paper to use for our collages. One technique was to use toilet paper! I liked using the toilet paper actually-(when she demonstrated I thought It wouldn’t work- but gave it a try anyway) So these are some of the things I came up with. Minus the pearls on the party dress and ribbon vine on the pumpkin, these are all made of toilet paper!

5 thoughts on “Cinderella Collage Dresses

  1. You have created such fun things, Susie. I love the ball gown and the pumpkin is tempting me to find some watercolor paint and unroll the tp… although I would have no idea what I was doing … Your creativity is inspiring!

  2. Hi Elaine- Thanks so much-I am happy that you like these. I hope you will try it! Very easy- just watercolor on TP on a flat surface and let it dry till morning- peel off and voila :)!! Tp turned into pretty collage paper! šŸ™‚

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