Coffee for Your Heart- The Red Poppy Dress

Painting Gardens Day5-1

Coffee for Your Heart -The Red Poppy Dress


By Susie Teramura


Three buttons

And a big red bow,

She twirls bright.

Her red poppy dress

Swings high.


Brown hair hanging

Little arms open


Hugging sky,

Free and loved

In breezes light.


She sways and dances

Glorying in her own


Feeling it

Right down to

Her beautiful bare feet

Half covered

In soft mud.


I smile and

Feel it too,

Something in me


And knows,

Your pleasure

Your delight,


The way your

Mouth curves up

Just looking

At me

Being happy,

Being free,

Enjoying the beauty

You are making out of me.


You are

The provider

Of breezes,

And the wide-open sky,


You warm my heart,

And water my dry.


Three buttons and

A big red bow

Out of my mud

You’re making

Poppies grow.



Job 10:12

You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence watched over my spirit.”

9 thoughts on “Coffee for Your Heart- The Red Poppy Dress

  1. This is so beautiful! What a gift you have! Poetry seems such a fitting way to describe the beauty that comes from knowing Him through motherhood. Loved it!

  2. Hi Susie! Isn’t it wonderful how God sees us as his children? You could see it in your little one, and that’s the love and joy God feels for you too. Such a lovely way of expressing the love and nurturing of the Father!

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