Coffee for your Heart- Oceans of Love

Summer Camp Day One Watercolor Crab -Assignment one-2

Coffee for Your Heart- Oceans of Love

By Susie


You are beautiful


In all that you do.

Pouring out your affection,

Like warm syrup on pancakes

Oozing all over,

Warming up my

Inside places

Melting me.


You pursue me with

Crazy things like

Yellow -orange peaches,

Soft and juicy,

Tangerine suns,

And the cricket’s song.


You bring gentle rains

And thunder wild,

Lighting up my evenings

With bugs that glow,

You hang stars in the sky

and the golden moon,


With oceans of love

you cover me

Washing up treasures

each day

Just for me to see

You are love

You just can’t stop-


You are beautiful,

Love- ly in all that you do

And I will forever

Be in love with you!



Psalm 17:7

“Show me the wonders of your great love,
 you who save by your right hand
 those who take refuge in you…”

5 thoughts on “Coffee for your Heart- Oceans of Love

  1. I love how everything, even a juicy peach and warm syrup, reminds you of Jesus’ sweet, oozing love. Thank you for again warming my heart, Susie.

    I love your art. Is this art camp an online class or something available in your area?

    1. So nice of you to visit Trudi- Yes it is an online class- click on the link on the sidebar (very bottom)for more information- would love for you to join me!!! People sign up even past the start date since the classes are available all year–Carla Sonheim is such a great teacher and has many online classes that have been great- if you are interested!! 🙂 During the summer camp she has guest teachers who teach a variety of things! 🙂
      Thanks for blessing me today!

      1. Thank you, Susie. Wow! There’s a lot of different classes. I see there’s even one for digital photography. It doesn’t work right now for me to take any, but I’m going to hang onto this link. 🙂

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