Coffee for your Heart-The Rescue

Summer Camp Day three Water color picture 1post card-Assignment one

Coffee for your Heart-The Rescue


By Susie


Long hard day

Body aches,

Mind is tired

Sink into my pillow

Muscles relax

Thoughts unravel

Eyes close like blinds on my day

Sleep creeps close

But then it comes,

Flying by my ear

Worry begins,

A low annoying drone.

One pass,

Then another,

Fear now buzzing strong

Like a high pitched scream

Taking my attention,

Stealing my rest,

I cannot put an end

To this unwelcome guest.

So I call for You

To rescue me.

You turn on the light

So I can see.

You capture that beast

Then lovingly,

Put me

Back into bed

Still Fearful, I pull covers

Up over my head-

But you turn them back

Just up to my chin

Gently, loving

The words sink in

You’re there,

That pest can’t

Bother me again.

You smooth down my hair

And redirect my thoughts

Reminding me that

You are the one

That is standing watch,

These worries and fears

Are not mine to bare

Each and every one of them

You tend with great care

So you sit

And wait with

Kind eyes toward me,

And slowly, quietly

My eyes close to sleep.

 Forever and for always

You rescue me!


Psalm 34:4

“I sought the Lord and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears”

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