Coffee for Your Heart- My Morning Offering

table top drawing glazing and molding paste-1

Coffee for Your Heart-My Morning Offering

 By Susie Teramura

Out the window

A new day breaking

Orange sun and

Golden clouds

Herald your presence


At your altar

I lay my morning offering.

Thoughts become words


Tears form

Big as raindrops

Falling steady

To the beat

Of my breaking heart

Pounding to the rhythm of


Washing the burden

Of it all

Into your strong arms-

In the hard letting go,

My stomach turns

And crawls into my throat

But You,

Compassionate one,

Comfort me,

Quiet me,

And put my stomach

Back where it belongs.

You speak a different word.

A word of strength,

Peace and


Reminding me that in You

I am able

To do all things,

That You will

Help me,

And that I am


Tears still fall as

The sun takes

Its place in

The morning air,

But now my heart pounds

Out a new rhythm

Sweet and strong

A new sound,

A song found in You,

 I am ABLE,

             (Philippians 4:13 I can do all this through Him who gives me strength)                                                                                HELPED,

(Psalm 86:17 ..for you, Lord, have helped me and comforted me.)


(Psalm 18:16 He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters)

Summer Garden

Summer art Camp Lynn Day3

It’s finished!!  The third and final step of this painting was to try to turn it into something- It was tricky for me to see a picture in it but ended up finding a summer garden- 

Coffee for Your Heart- I will Carry You

Summer art camp lynn whipple day 2

Coffee For Your Heart- I will Carry You


By Susie Teramura


Busy street,

Car full of groceries

Waiting at the light


He catches my eye,

Strong and steady

He walks,

Jeans sagging

Plain t-shirt hangs,

Arms wrapped

Tight around his boy,

Worn from the heat

He hoists him up


Boy snuggles in

On shoulders strong

And rests,

Little Head turned out

Eyes watching

The world around him,

While daddy walks

And carries the load.


Light turns green

And  I pull away

But My heart

It stays,

And I think of You.

Eyes pool quietly,

As you speak to me,


I’ll hold you and

Love you and

Wrap all myself

Around you

I’ll do the walking.

I know the way.

Just rest on me,

I’ve got you today.


I breathe heavy and

Wipe away the tear.

How did you

Know what

I needed to hear?


I wrap my arms tight

 And hug onto you

You will always and forever

Carry me through.


Isaiah 46:4

…….. I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”

Summer Camp -Textile Painting


                                                      Summer camp lynnday1

Lynn Whipple was the second teacher we had in art camp. She does amazing large paintings that almost look like textile. Her technique is to use acrylic paint and layer it with stencils and spray it with a lot of water. This was very new for me,but a lot of fun. This is the first layer of the painting I worked on. In step two I added stencils. (that version will be in the Coffee for Your Heart)  post. I will also post the final version of the painting when it is ready. So… this is a work in progress! 😉

Coffee for your Heart- Oceans of Love

Summer Camp Day One Watercolor Crab -Assignment one-2

Coffee for Your Heart- Oceans of Love

By Susie


You are beautiful


In all that you do.

Pouring out your affection,

Like warm syrup on pancakes

Oozing all over,

Warming up my

Inside places

Melting me.


You pursue me with

Crazy things like

Yellow -orange peaches,

Soft and juicy,

Tangerine suns,

And the cricket’s song.


You bring gentle rains

And thunder wild,

Lighting up my evenings

With bugs that glow,

You hang stars in the sky

and the golden moon,


With oceans of love

you cover me

Washing up treasures

each day

Just for me to see

You are love

You just can’t stop-


You are beautiful,

Love- ly in all that you do

And I will forever

Be in love with you!



Psalm 17:7

“Show me the wonders of your great love,
 you who save by your right hand
 those who take refuge in you…”

Coffee for your Heart-The Rescue

Summer Camp Day three Water color picture 1post card-Assignment one

Coffee for your Heart-The Rescue


By Susie


Long hard day

Body aches,

Mind is tired

Sink into my pillow

Muscles relax

Thoughts unravel

Eyes close like blinds on my day

Sleep creeps close

But then it comes,

Flying by my ear

Worry begins,

A low annoying drone.

One pass,

Then another,

Fear now buzzing strong

Like a high pitched scream

Taking my attention,

Stealing my rest,

I cannot put an end

To this unwelcome guest.

So I call for You

To rescue me.

You turn on the light

So I can see.

You capture that beast

Then lovingly,

Put me

Back into bed

Still Fearful, I pull covers

Up over my head-

But you turn them back

Just up to my chin

Gently, loving

The words sink in

You’re there,

That pest can’t

Bother me again.

You smooth down my hair

And redirect my thoughts

Reminding me that

You are the one

That is standing watch,

These worries and fears

Are not mine to bare

Each and every one of them

You tend with great care

So you sit

And wait with

Kind eyes toward me,

And slowly, quietly

My eyes close to sleep.

 Forever and for always

You rescue me!


Psalm 34:4

“I sought the Lord and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears”