Coffee for Your Heart- Near You

Watercolor class bee

Coffee for Your Heart- Near You


By Susie


Into your presence

You invite me,

Welcome me,

To come

And sit

And listen

At your feet,


To get my fill

Of your lovely

Words all stitched together

In comforting

Blankets, of

Flannel warm love

Wrapping me up

Cozy and safe.


To watch your face

Smile at me,

Speaking loud of

Your proud thoughts.

How could it be,
you think like that of me?


To hear your songs

Of love pour out,

And feel them

Deep down

In my heart,

Melodies strange

And wonderful

Captivating my ear

Attaching themselves

To my worn out soul.


And I then I know,

Your presence,

It’s good for me.

Like sunshine and rain

All mixed together

Bringing light

And drenching peace,

Growing my broken pieces

Into ribbons of color

Life springing up.


The best part is

You ask me to stay

To move in

To settle

To dwell

To spend each day

With you

And when night falls,

And the moon is high,

You ask me to

Lay my head

Down on your chest

And rest

Till morning light.


Peace, I am wanted.

There’s no time

I’m not.

You like my presence.

You like me.

It is good to be near you,

There’s nowhere

Else I’d rather be.


Psalm 73:28

But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.

9 thoughts on “Coffee for Your Heart- Near You

  1. As always, Susie, you touch a deep chord in my heart. This poem gives me a picture of the woman washing the feet of Jesus and how she must have felt as He looked at her with such eyes of deep compassion and tender love.
    “Growing my broken pieces

    Into ribbons of color

    Life springing up.”
    So, so beautiful. Thank you for reminding me of Jesus’ gentle, accepting love.

  2. I just love this one – reminds me of what I just learned about joy – it is the blessedness that exists around the throne of God – in other words it is in the Presence of God that we experience joy and peace

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