Coffee for Your Heart- You Bring me Flowers

Painting Gardens Day6

Coffee for Your Heart- You Bring me Flowers

By Susie


Green front lawn

Dotted yellow,



They call



You pick,

And tie,

And twist them

Into a crown and

Place them on my head.

Your queen,

Your bride,

The one

You choose,

To be


Your very own.



With the breeze,


Golden petals curl

Into tiny cups


They call them


But you

Hold them under my chin

To see

If they will shine,

To see me shine,

To melt my heart like



Roadside pinks,

Tiny slippers

Sewn together

On threads of green,

Cars speed by

Throwing dirt.

To them,

Just weeds,

But you

Pick me

A bunch so big

My small hands

Can barely

Wrap around,

You see me smile,

And call me

Your sweetest pea,

Your beauty,

Your flower,

You see.


Pure white daisy

With a yellow center

Everyday plain,

Cover the hills

So many,

Tough to get rid of

Just weeds to them,

But you

Pick just one-

Tuck it behind

My ear,

Searching my face,

Pushing back

The hair,

Making sure I hear,


Petal by petal

You speak slowly

Your love to me,

Over and over,

And over


Until I cry

Until I hear-

And know

deep in my heart

You’ll never forget,

or ever run out-

You will always have flowers for me!


Isaiah 62:12

“Tell daughter Zion, ‘Look! Your Savior comes, 
Ready to do what he said he’d do,
 prepared to complete what he promised.’” (you) will be called (by a )new name: Holy…, God-Redeemed,
 Sought-Out, …Not-Forsaken.” (MSG)

8 thoughts on “Coffee for Your Heart- You Bring me Flowers

  1. Thank you for your beautiful words. I found myself wondering who is loving you in this poem. At first it felt like the sweetness of a boy, or husband… then it felt like the protective adoration of a father, then it transformed into the deep ocean of Holy love from THE Father. Beautiful!

  2. So, so beautiful, Susie. I love your heartfelt analogies of our Father’s love. I’m always amazed at how you bring in our brokenness but remind us of our hope and healing in His love.

  3. This is a beautiful poetic tribute to our Father’s tenderness and love, His heart of compassion and ability to see the glorious rose we are to Him when all we feel like is an insignificant weed. I’m so glad you were my neighbour over at Holley’s place today! Blessings 🙂

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