Coffee for Your Heart- Near You

Watercolor class bee

Coffee for Your Heart- Near You


By Susie


Into your presence

You invite me,

Welcome me,

To come

And sit

And listen

At your feet,


To get my fill

Of your lovely

Words all stitched together

In comforting

Blankets, of

Flannel warm love

Wrapping me up

Cozy and safe.


To watch your face

Smile at me,

Speaking loud of

Your proud thoughts.

How could it be,
you think like that of me?


To hear your songs

Of love pour out,

And feel them

Deep down

In my heart,

Melodies strange

And wonderful

Captivating my ear

Attaching themselves

To my worn out soul.


And I then I know,

Your presence,

It’s good for me.

Like sunshine and rain

All mixed together

Bringing light

And drenching peace,

Growing my broken pieces

Into ribbons of color

Life springing up.


The best part is

You ask me to stay

To move in

To settle

To dwell

To spend each day

With you

And when night falls,

And the moon is high,

You ask me to

Lay my head

Down on your chest

And rest

Till morning light.


Peace, I am wanted.

There’s no time

I’m not.

You like my presence.

You like me.

It is good to be near you,

There’s nowhere

Else I’d rather be.


Psalm 73:28

But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge; I will tell of all your deeds.

Painting Gardens- Tiger Lillies on a Summer Afternoon

Painting Gardens Day5-1

This was painted using a technique I learned near the end of my Painting Gardens Class- To make unique flower shapes, you put down a drop or two of watered down acrylic paint. Then you use a straw or canned air to blow the paint into different shapes. It was a fun and unique way of painting.This is the last post from this class. Next up, more fairytales and fun from Summer art camp!

Coffee for Your Heart- You Bring me Flowers

Painting Gardens Day6

Coffee for Your Heart- You Bring me Flowers

By Susie


Green front lawn

Dotted yellow,



They call



You pick,

And tie,

And twist them

Into a crown and

Place them on my head.

Your queen,

Your bride,

The one

You choose,

To be


Your very own.



With the breeze,


Golden petals curl

Into tiny cups


They call them


But you

Hold them under my chin

To see

If they will shine,

To see me shine,

To melt my heart like



Roadside pinks,

Tiny slippers

Sewn together

On threads of green,

Cars speed by

Throwing dirt.

To them,

Just weeds,

But you

Pick me

A bunch so big

My small hands

Can barely

Wrap around,

You see me smile,

And call me

Your sweetest pea,

Your beauty,

Your flower,

You see.


Pure white daisy

With a yellow center

Everyday plain,

Cover the hills

So many,

Tough to get rid of

Just weeds to them,

But you

Pick just one-

Tuck it behind

My ear,

Searching my face,

Pushing back

The hair,

Making sure I hear,


Petal by petal

You speak slowly

Your love to me,

Over and over,

And over


Until I cry

Until I hear-

And know

deep in my heart

You’ll never forget,

or ever run out-

You will always have flowers for me!


Isaiah 62:12

“Tell daughter Zion, ‘Look! Your Savior comes, 
Ready to do what he said he’d do,
 prepared to complete what he promised.’” (you) will be called (by a )new name: Holy…, God-Redeemed,
 Sought-Out, …Not-Forsaken.” (MSG)

Coffee for your Heart- A Knock at the Door

painting gardens day4 picture 2

Coffee for Your Heart- A Knock at the Door

 By Susie


My thoughts

Come knocking


In clothes familiar

At my mind’s door

Acting like my friends

And making me

Feel comfortable,

And so I welcome them in,

And they settle down

At the table

To have tea with me,

Then the thoughts

Start preaching you see,

Telling me lies

I so easily believe,

Making me afraid

Then empty they leave.


There is a knocking again

This time it’s you.

You come on in

And unpack your truth.

You tell me I am precious,

That my life has a plan,

That I am valued


Forgiven and then,

You help

To clean up

The mess.

You dust

Each corner

And teach me

What’s best.

With wise counsel

You protect

My wandering heart,

And kindly remind me

That we will never,

ever be apart.


The last thing you do

Before you tuck me in to sleep

Is hang a sign on the door

For my thoughts to read


“This home is guarded

By the Father in love-

No thought may enter here

Unless approved by His word.”


 2 Corinthians 10:5


“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”


puffer fish

I took a break from my classes and got out my colored pencils again- When we visited the National Aquarium this summer,  we saw the cutest pufferfish being pet by a scuba diver while he was feeding him. They have such a funny face and so much character, so I decided to try and draw one. This is done with colored pencil and collage.

Coffee for Your Heart- Heart Strings

table top drawing glazing heavy gel

Coffee for Your Heart- Heart Strings


By Susie


You God

Care for me

With all that you are

You wrap me up

With all of that heart

So big and deep and lovely

Till I melt

Into you

Wholly yours

But then,

You call me out

Into being

Into breathing

Into Life


All my needs met in you

Now I get to be the wrapper,

The one that pours out love

And ties it with strings

Around a broken heart.

I get to see the melting,

And healing,

And breathing,

And living all over again,

Bringing me back to

The beat of your heart

Sounding strong

Pounding hard

After me.


Psalm 23:6


“Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. I’m back home in the house of God……” (msg)



Coffee for your Heart- My Summer Love


Coffee for Your Heart-My Summer Love


By Susie


The fan whirs,

I wipe sweat

And push back matted hair.

The lake creeps up

In a certain rhythm

Singing a lullaby through

My screen window.

The clock ticks loud

Preaching to me

Of time and

Of seasons

Reminding me that in this season

The season of heat, and summer and joy and sweat

You are here with me,

My summer love,

You are

The gentle breeze that whispers

All is well.

The mighty tree that bends to shade

My sun scored heart.

You are

The ice-cold lemonade- frosty in my glass

quenching my deep soul thirst

You are

the watermelon juicing down

My face into my tummy

Filling me over and over with

All things sweet.

You are

The crescent moon

That strings up lights on my darkest nights

Twinkling reminders that

The dark

will never really be dark

Because I am with you,

My summer love.

In this season

And in the next

For today

And for always.

Forever we will be


Me and my summer love.


Psalm 74:17

You own the day, you own the night; you put stars and sun in place. You laid out the four corners of earth, shaped the seasons of summer and winter.