Coffee For your Heart- Empty Spaces


Coffee for Your Heart- Empty Spaces

 By Susie


The cursor -it’s blinking

At me,


It knows my secret,

I’ve got nothing

Nothing to say.

Not a thing to write

Reminding me

Of the nothing- feeling I

Had today

In the midst of needs swirling

Grubby fingers tugging

Emptied of all my insides

I stood there

Nothing left

To give.

Mistakes collected

Guts spilled out,

Heart worn thin,

Words spent

Bone tired

I Sat down


Quiet as a gentle breeze

Blowing across my brow

You ask for one more thing


This mess of a pile of me,

You want it anyway

My nothingness and all of it,

And with kindness

 spilling over

You give me

All of you

Filling up

My empty

Pouring out all over

Till I am the one overflowing

With words

With love

With life

With you.

That’s the miracle of it all

The more I empty,

The more you fill-


My cursor is still

Blinking at me

Winking again,

My empty, you will always fill.


Psalm 107:9

“For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”

6 thoughts on “Coffee For your Heart- Empty Spaces

  1. Once again, Susie, you read my life. After some soul-crushing email earlier in the month, I have had no words. Finding stillness, pouring out and waiting for my heart to be filled.

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