Coffee for Your Heart- Weeds


Coffee for Your Heart-Weeds

 By Susie


I sat and wondered…

Fingers drumming the table

Is it enough?

Am I enough?

I am not like her…

I don’t do it that way…

And slowly but surely

Thought by thought

I start digging my pit

And slower still

I begin to sink

Comparison stealing my day

Choking the breath right out of me

Until I believe the lie

It seems so true

Lies usually do

Twisting their way around my heart

Like weeds, crowding out truth,

Crowding out You-

Then comes my savior

Riding in to rescue

Waving his banner of truth

Right over my head-

It says

She is mine

My beloved

My very own

Like a kite in the wind

Truth starts to soar

And these chains broken

Can hold me no more

I am free and loved

Just as I am-

Chosen, wanted and

Picked out by You

Though by thought

Weeds replaced

With truth

I stop the drumming

And get up to go,

I am enough

Simply because You say so!

Psalm 25:5

                                                  Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.

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