Coffee for Your Heart- Trust Me


Coffee for Your Heart-Trust Me

By Susie


Trust me


You don’t understand.

Trust that I am good,

And that I have a better plan

 Trust me


You’re scared and falling apart

Trust that I am mending

All your broken parts.

 Trust me

with your yesterday

For it’s already gone.

Trust me

with tomorrow

It will be here before long.

 Most of all,

trust me

with your today

It is my gift.

I’ve already paid.

 It is the present,

A present for you-

I will hold you in it,

I promise to.


Psalm 28:7 “my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.”






6 thoughts on “Coffee for Your Heart- Trust Me

    1. Oh Elaine wishing I could give you a hug this morning! Praying that you will know deep in your heart that you are dearly loved and held close to his heart. hugs to you –

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