4 thoughts on “Flower Assignment #92-105

  1. Susie, it is a strange thing, but your wonderful drawings almost make me want to find paper and pencil to see if I can draw. What did you use for your models?
    Thank you for sharing your gift here.

    1. I am so glad!- It was fun to really look at all the unique and beautiful flowers God made- there are so many, many varieties aren’t there? amazing and wonderful-I used my pinterest board mostly. My flower board is one of my favorites- so I used that- and when i ran out, i just searched out more- I hope you can draw sometime- it is a great way to see things in a new way- and enjoy them. I look forward to checking out the books you suggested!

  2. Since Christmas I have found two books that I think you would like. The photographs in each are by Robert Llewellyn. Seeing Flowers by Teri Chace and Seeing Trees by Nancy Hugo.
    I had Nancy’s book first and it has been wonderful to look at the tree shapes and bark with new eyes.

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