Coffee For your Heart- Joy

Coffee for Your Heart- What brings you Joy?

By Susie

 It started with

Cocoa and marshmallows frothy

on a frosty winter afternoon,


Snow swirling and landing soft,

hushing the world

and making things clean once more.


Mittens and hats and

the slick , slick of snow pants sliding together and

the clunk ,clunk of snow boots tramping across the floor-


Laughter and shouts,

sleds and children gliding down an icy hill,

Make me see

Make me think;


Pure joy – joy real,

No thinking, or trying;

It just comes out,

from a deep, inside the belly kind of place,

a feeling that everything is all right-


that no longer must I worry or strive,

or take care of things, because

I am taken care of. 

My needs are met.


I am loved and held and have great worth,

because You are here- and You tell me so-

over and over again.

You, Jesus, are here to stay

with me every moment on-


I have You

and now I am free-

free to just purely ,BE-

to let what is inside out

to enjoy blessings all around


to smell and see,

to taste and hear

to feel, deep to the core,

all the goodness you have for me-

spilling out all over.

Your presence the best part.

Pure joy-Joy real

with marshmallows on top-


Psalm 21:6

 “Surely You have granted her unending blessings
 and made her glad with the joy of Your presence.”




2 thoughts on “Coffee For your Heart- Joy

  1. I like so many of these thoughts — the word pictures of winter, the thoughts of Jesus here to stay from now on —- the pure joy —- thanks

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