Coffee For your Heart- Who Inspires You?

Coffee for your Heart- My Inspiration

By Susie

 Our meeting, unassuming

Just an S before a T- alphabetically.

He, in the desk

behind me,

8th grade- anthropology class-


Little did I know,

black leather jacket and all,

12 years later-

in the spring,

my S becomes a T,

a big church wedding.


And he would be mine,

to have and hold

from that day forward.


My closest friend

and the one

who inspires me.


To live life full

no holding back

to embrace the happy

and to feel the sad.


To trust God

and believe He is good,

to live life free,

His grace, understood,


To never,ever,let fear win,

or have the last say,

always reminding me –that I’m ok.

He picks me up –

when I fall,


This chance meeting,

No chance at all.


Ecclesiastes 4:9-10,12

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up…Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken

The Frog Princess and Her Rug

The Frog Princess and Her Rug

This is my last Frog Princess illustration- In the story she magically weaves a rug for her beloved in the night- This is my idea of what it would have looked like when he sees it in the morning-

Coffee For your Heart- Joy

Coffee for Your Heart- What brings you Joy?

By Susie

 It started with

Cocoa and marshmallows frothy

on a frosty winter afternoon,


Snow swirling and landing soft,

hushing the world

and making things clean once more.


Mittens and hats and

the slick , slick of snow pants sliding together and

the clunk ,clunk of snow boots tramping across the floor-


Laughter and shouts,

sleds and children gliding down an icy hill,

Make me see

Make me think;


Pure joy – joy real,

No thinking, or trying;

It just comes out,

from a deep, inside the belly kind of place,

a feeling that everything is all right-


that no longer must I worry or strive,

or take care of things, because

I am taken care of. 

My needs are met.


I am loved and held and have great worth,

because You are here- and You tell me so-

over and over again.

You, Jesus, are here to stay

with me every moment on-


I have You

and now I am free-

free to just purely ,BE-

to let what is inside out

to enjoy blessings all around


to smell and see,

to taste and hear

to feel, deep to the core,

all the goodness you have for me-

spilling out all over.

Your presence the best part.

Pure joy-Joy real

with marshmallows on top-


Psalm 21:6

 “Surely You have granted her unending blessings
 and made her glad with the joy of Your presence.”




The Frog Princess

The Frog Princess

The first fairy tale we are working on in my class is the Frog Princess- The story begins with a young prince that must shoot an arrow to find his wife- It lands in a swamp near a frog and so he must marry her not knowing she is a princess. Our assignment is to make three spot illustrations using watercolor pastel and collage. This first one is the princess without her froggy skin.

Coffee For Your Heart- You’re Going to Be Ok.

Coffee for your Heart- You’re Going to Be Ok-

By Susie

 No matter what happens

we are going to be ok because-

the maker of all things


He is making all things


making us all right-

Right now in our mess,

in our hard places,

places where we are not all right,

He picks us up –

wipes the dirt,

sliding down

tear stained cheeks,

He smoothes

tangled hair –

looks into eyes, tired

and sees the hurt-


He washes,

and covers,


and heals.

He dresses

in robes white,

engraving our names on his hands

tattooed there- my name and yours-

for all time-permanent-

We are now under His charge- under His care.

 We are going to be ok because

He is the one tending to us-

He is the one holding the ball,

the one feeding our empty hearts

over and over again-

and He always has enough.

He always knows the answer.

He always knows the way.

He is the way.

In Him-all is right.

No matter what happens,

we are going to be okay.


 See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.”

Isaiah 49:16


Coffee for Your Heart- Encouragement on a Bad Day.

Coffee for Your Heart- Encouragement on a Bad Day-

By Susie

 We’ve all had them,

We all dread them,

Sometimes they sneak up from behind,

and hit us unaware.

Other times they are expected

because it seems

we are in a season of rain,

of grey clouds,

of news unwanted,

and disappointments hard,

Our minds ache,

And hearts break,

and we feel like things

may never turn around-

But then comes


our rescuer

and fixer,


and friend,

who sees

and hears

and wipes our tears,

He tells us

that it is going to be ok-

 that we are ok.

He reminds us

that this is not the end;

that He has no unfinished projects,

and no broken promises;

that He is completing in us

all that is good,

all that He has planned,

all of His most beautiful desires.

And in the mean time,

while it still hurts,

while we still can’t see,

He holds us up

high on his shoulders

until we catch a glimpse,

the sun rising,

His golden light

 cracking open darkness-

filling  empty spaces,

A new day is on it’s way.

  “Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders.”

Deuteronomy 33:11-13