Coffee for Your Heart- A New Year

As  the New Year Begins.. by Susie

I just want you to know that you are loved,

and held,

and wanted.

You are valuable

and have purpose.

You are His own,

and He cares about you-

In Christ we have it all-

ALL of Him-

He is ours.

In His presence is fullness of joy-

and we always and forever

have His presence.

He promises never to leave us

We are never alone,

and He is always

fully present,

with us!

So as we look at the year

that is out there,

in front of us,

and feel tempted towards fear and worry

about what is ahead-

and the unknown in it,

let’s  turn our faces instead

to what is known.


in all his unlimited power,

unfathomable knowledge,

and deep rich love,

chose us-

to love

and to be His own-

Let’s press on-

towards more of Him.

There is so much more of Christ,

fullness of joy-

And no matter what,

we are held,

secure in Him,


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