January 2,2014

 Here it is…

It is not perfect or just the way I like it yet (still not sure how it works!!)It might be a bit of a mess, But it is mine; my blog, my journey towards Joy.

 I am learning that what is important is to begin. I am trying something new and learning to be ok with the messes; actually embracing them- It is in the mess that I have fought so hard to avoid, that I am finding life and realness. God is showing up for me here; holding me up and being all that I need.

 Where I find Him is where I find my life- because He is my life-

 So although I am afraid to start this blog- afraid it will be another fail, another unfinished project, I am reminding myself that I am not committing myself to this blog, but to Christ. I am continuing on in Him. Following His call even if it feels messy, like I am not in control. Its ok, He is-

 So this is my joy journey- my journey towards realness, and toward his heart where I am found- 

4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Dear Susie, I’m so glad you’ve begun! I think you will surprise yourself. Your start is somehow an encouragement to me to continue!
    I love your art work; sometimes I wish I could draw and paint.
    Thank you for your beautiful words in the Coffee for Your Heart post; your link brought me here.

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